Funding Agency

National Athletic Trainers Association: Research and Education Foundation Outcomes Grant Program


Jan 2009 – Jan 2013


The purpose of this outcome-based, single-blinded, RCT investigation is to 1) compare a traditional quadriceps and a hip/core muscle strengthening PFPS rehabilitation protocol and 2) determine whether improved hip and core strength leads a reduction in PFPS re-occurrence over a 2-year period. The secondary purpose of this study is to determine improvements in muscle strength following treatment. We are conducting a single-blind RCT study at four different University settings. PFPS patients will be randomly assigned to a treatment protocol: (T1) a hip and core strengthening or T2) a traditional quadriceps strengthening. Outcome variables will be collected from each subject at baseline and one time per week over a 6-week period. Each subject will visit with a certified athletic trainer 3 times per week over the 6-week period. Following rehabilitation, subjects will be reassessed at 6 months and followed over a 2-year period to prospectively determine PFPS injury re-occurrence compared to non-injured subjects.

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