Full Title

Creating Bone and Joint Health from the Bedside to the Bench and Back Again – ‘Designer Therapies’ to Reduce the Burden of Osteoarthritis (OA) – from Mechanisms to Prevention: Real-time feedback to restore gait mechanics for mild-to-moderate knee OA patients: a randomized clinical trial.

Funding Agency

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Team Grant


July 2008 – July 2013


Based on the huge early diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention gaps in OA research combined with identification of our strengths and opportunities – 4 projects with 18 linked components, and 32 principle researchers that strategically span the four pillars of health research have been designed. Our team will pursue basic biomedical work, building on currently known OA risk factors (clinically, biologically and biomechanically) with the goal of identifying, quantifying and then prioritizing both these known and previously unknown risks of OA (which we plan to discover) while testing novel mechanisms of OA diagnosis and therapeutics.

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