• Biomechanical 3D Gait Analys

    This is most accurate and scientific analysis available in the world and is called the 3D GAIT system.  3D GAIT is a multi-camera gait analysis system that uses infrared high speed cameras that each collect 200 frames of data every second and track the movement of 24 retroreflective markers placed on your pelvis, legs, and feet.  We then analyze 36,000 frames of data and compile a 3D “stick-figure” of your running biomechanics by performing 6119 different calculations in 9.56 seconds.  The end result is an individualized report pinpointing the root cause of your injury and what needs to be done to prevent and rehabilitate from the injury.  This analysis provides  the most scientific and accurate assessment of your gait mechanics and is to be combined with a clinical assessment by a health professional.


    Dr. Ferber and his team have patented a revolutionary way to scientifically determine the optimal and correct shoe for you.  We use our 3D GAIT system to measure your foot mechanics with millimeter precision and combine your gait biomechanics with our patented LAST device (Length Arch Shape Technology).

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