Clinic hopes research will lead to better treatment of common running injuries.

Dr. Reed Ferber, Director of Running Injury Clinic, today announced a new partnership with SOLE.

SOLE ( has agreed to support the Clinic’s research that aims to improve treatment of one of the most common foot and ankle injuries for runners. Posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction or PTTD commonly leads to other injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and acquired flat foot. Collectively, these injuries cost Canadians billions in health care costs each year.

“This generous support shows me that as a company, SOLE is genuinely interested in the big picture” says Ferber. “Creating industry partnerships with a company like SOLE makes a lot of sense. Many thousands of runners already use SOLE Orthotics, so this research is obviously relevant to many, many people. We hope that our research can show runners the best approach to preventing and treating their injuries.”

SOLE is the world leader in over the counter custom footbeds – orthotics that individual wearers custom mold to the shape of their feet.

President and CEO of SOLE, Michael Baker, says he supports research at the Running Injury Clinic because SOLE is committed to preventing running injuries and continually improving their product. “We know our products help people but now we are looking to partner with scientists, such as Dr. Ferber, to provide us with some objective data.” says Baker, “They will add to our understanding of the biomechanics and how our product can best be utilized by runners. We are, of course, pleased to be a part of this research effort.”

“This relationship will allow the Faculty of Kinesiology and the Running Injury Clinic to develop applied research in cooperation with a leading industry partner.” says Dr. Wayne Giles, Dean of the Faculty. “We hope to discover meaningful interventions to promote and maintain activity in runners and walkers of all ages.”

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