Founded in 2003, our over-arching goal is education and development of injury prevention and rehabilitation programs for all runners and walkers through world-class research and clinical practice. The overall paradigm is that our research improves the worldwide network of clinical partners and these clinical partners improve and drive the research.

Our core strength lies in the scientific measure of 3D gait biomechanics. We have developed 3D GAIT, a scientifically accurate, 3-dimensional motion capture system and custom software, for use in private physiotherapy clinics and hospitals. In addition to 3D GAIT across Canada and around the world, we have international research partners and all data from all systems flow into a central database: the world’s largest research database of 3D biomechanical and clinical data.

The Running Injury Clinic personnel currently include post-doctoral research fellows, PhD and Master’s students, and research technicians. These individuals consist of biomedical engineers, biomechanists, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and clinical scientists.

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