Knee OA Rehab Research

Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease and it costs the healthcare system billions of dollars each year.  More importantly, not all individuals with knee OA respond to traditional physiotherapy.  We have developed a unique method to predict, with 85% accuracy,  who will benefit from physiotherapy treatment, who needs a customized and individualized program, and who doesn’t need physio at all based on how they walk and the amount of pain and function reported.  In this video, listen to Dr. Ferber explain this cutting edge research.

Genetics of Human Performance

Dr. Dustin Hittel holds a PhD in Molecular Physiology from Carleton University.  See him discuss the role that genetics will soon play for running injury prevention and enhanced performance.

Innovations in Gait Analysis

Innovation and invention are two terms often misunderstood.  Dr. Ferber provides an overview of how they have been working for the past 10 years to innovate standard 3-dimensional biomechanical methods to create 3D GAIT.  This revolutionary gait analysis system is considered the gold-standard and the most advanced gait analysis system on the planet.  Learn more about this scientific and state-of-the-art technology and how its changing the health care system.  Read more about Dr. Ferber’s innovative 3D GAIT system talking about how this technology can redefine your run, how it can give you detailed information no other system can, and how we are using the data to do research and predict injuries.   Click here to read the article featured in Canadian Running Magazine and click here to read more about our cutting edge technology in Maclean’s Magazine.

What’s the Correct Shoe For You?

When going to buy a new pair of shoes, runner often receive the opinion of a shoe store employee as to what is the correct shoe for them.  However, shoe-fitting myths such as how much you weigh, your arch height, and whether or not you’re injured play into this opinion with absolutely no research to support the final decision.  Dr. Ferber explains a more scientific approach and helps you to understand how their research database, the world’s largest database of 3D biomechanics and clinical data, can help you find the right shoe. Read more about Dr. Ferber’s research as written up in the Calgary Herald and Runner’s World.

How Do We Find the Correct Shoe For You?

We use a very scientific Footwear Formula (c) to determine the ideal shoe for you. Based on research over the past 9 years, we take scientific measures of your 3D gait biomechanics, arch deformation, and foot shape. In fact, we’ve developed and patented new products to optimize our scientific methods.

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