The statistics paint a fairly grim picture, fitness levels of Canadian children and youth have declined significantly since 1981, and obesity rates have tripled.

The Running Injury Clinic, along with Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary have decided to try do something about it. We’re calling it the 1% To Be Active.

Simply put, we are encouraging health care practitioners and clinics to donate 1% of their gross revenue for the purpose of providing the undergraduate students in Kinesiology the means to promote physical activity for our children. Each student will be provided the opportunity to creatively and independently choose a program or initiative, or develop a new idea, and use the money towards development, improvement, and support.

The initiative was created by Dr. Reed Ferber, Director of the Running Injury Clinic and an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and is also overseen by Dr. Wayne Giles, Dean of the Faculty.

A personal donation by Dr. Ferber and another by the Clinic has sparked several other health practitioners to step forward to support this initiative. Currently in the fund raising stages, the first students will step out into the community in Fall 2011.

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